Scenic and Art

Malone’s team of skilled scenic artists can produce scenery, sets, props, and models ranging from incredible realism to artistic and fanciful.  Our team’s experience includes scientifically accurate plants and animals for natural history museums, fantastic immersive environments, hand painted murals, film sets and props, custom sculpture, historical recreations, whimsical children’s areas, biological models, and much more.

Malone uses a variety of techniques to balance your requirements in terms of realism, durability, and cost.  Structures can be built using wood or metal.  The type of foam used to form the shape, and the fiberglass coating are customized for the application.  We use the latest modeling, molding and casting techniques.  Elements are painted by hand or airbrush, and then various surface treatments are applied for increased realism.  Regardless of the customized approach for your project, creativity and attention to detail are characteristics of all of Malone’s work.

If you can imagine it, Malone can make it real.