Pre & Post Production Support

Malone maintains a relentless focus on making sure that your project is completed on schedule, on budget, and to the highest quality standards possible.  The keys to meeting these objectives are effective planning, communication, and management.  We invest significant effort on the front end to make sure there is a clear understanding of budget and schedule parameters, what is going to be produced, and how it is going to be produced.  During the process, we make sure there is effective collaboration across the entire project team to resolve issues and potential deviations from the plan.


A detailed and accurate cost estimate provides the foundation for a successful project.  Malone can leverage our 50 year history, and 20+ year average industry experience of our estimators, to apply the required detailed knowledge of construction techniques, labor standards, and material pricing.  Our estimators can consult with the professionals who will actually be building and installing the exhibit or commercial interior.  We place a strong emphasis on documenting our understanding of the scope to give our clients peace of mind that no gaps exist in the scope.  Should value engineering be required, our detailed estimates provide a foundation for modeling a variety of cost savings options.

Detailing and Engineering:

Malone has some of the most experienced design detailers/draftsmen in the industry.  They apply their technical knowledge and AutoCAD experience to bring designs to reality.  Clearly documenting construction details, materials, finishes, and integration with components provided by others, helps ensure that there is a shared understanding of exactly what will be produced.  Construction challenges or design misunderstandings can then be easily identified and resolved before production commences.

Project Management:

Project Management is the foundation for a successful project.  Malone’s experienced Project Managers lead their projects from the start of design or detailing through installation.  The Project Manager will be the primary point of contact for the client, subcontractors, vendors, and any other project stakeholders.  He or she will relentlessly focus on keeping the project on budget and on schedule, and ensuring that the appropriate quality control procedures are followed.  Malone’s Project Managers all have the experience required to be multi-dimensional managers:  think strategically and tactically, plan and resolve issues, and solve technical and business challenges.


Our full staff of knowledgeable experts specialize in the storage, crating, shipping, on-site installation & maintenance of museum and commercial interiors. Because artisans and fabricators often have an intimate and unique understanding of the exhibit components, one or more members of the fabrication team will accompany installers on-site.  After the installation is complete, the client is provided with a close-out package including all of the as-built drawings, final graphic production files, and copies of any media on disc.  We provide a warranty on all our work against defective materials and workmanship.