Museum and Visitor Center Exhibits

Malone has specialized in the design and production of interpretive exhibits for museums and visitor centers for approximately 50 years. We have completed projects for nearly 500 private and public institutions across the United States. Our work includes natural history museums, cultural history museums, children’s museums, art museums, science centers, zoos, aquariums, halls of fame, traveling exhibits and more.

We value the education and entertainment potential of interpretive exhibits, and consequently understand the challenges and high expectations that you face. Malone’s talented staff finds new ways to capture your visitors’ imagination through effective storytelling, captivating design, eye-catching graphics, museum quality casework, high and low tech interactive exhibits, and immersive scenic recreations. The end result is more visitors coming through your doors, and happier visitors exiting.

Whether you need someone just for fabrication and installation of exhibits, a complete design-build project, or just to get the creative process started, call Malone Design/Fabrication.