Branded and Themed Environments

Every time a customer, prospect, employee, or other stakeholder visits one of your facilities, there is an opportunity to communicate, to sell, to strengthen your brand, to educate, to connect, to entertain. Every impression counts. Malone has the experience and skills required to create an environment that tells your unique story, supports your target visitor experience, and creates long lasting brand impressions.

Malone’s creative staff immerses themselves in your story to gain a thorough understanding of your visitors and your objectives with those visitors. Our full breadth of capabilities and services enables us to design and produce graphics, exhibits, themed elements, multimedia, furniture, fixtures, and finishes to best support your target visitor and brand experience, while respecting your budget.

Our branded environment experience and capabilities are truly unique in breadth, including:

  • Sports venues and halls of fame – Mobile promotional exhibits
  • Themed retail – History walls
  • Showrooms – Corporate visitor centers
  • Children’s areas – Event marketing displays
  • Institutional exhibits – Theme parks
  • Show/film sets and props – Branded lobbies and offices

If you want to create an environment that uniquely fits your company and your customers/stakeholders, call Malone.