At Malone, we design and produce custom environments where high quality is a requirement, communication and visitor connection are paramount.  There are no boundaries or constraints placed on the types of media, techniques, materials, or finishes required to achieve the client’s objectives for the space.  The result is a portfolio of custom, immersive environments across a broad spectrum of corporate, retail, and institutional entities.

Museum and visitor center exhibits have been a specialty and a passion at Malone throughout our history. We developed a strong reputation for ‘museum quality’ casework.  Our craftsmanship easily transferred to the world of commercial architectural millwork, where high end casework, panels, trim, and more is often the differentiating factor in a space.   Unlike most architectural millwork providers, Malone goes beyond woodwork by having the capability to provide a complete interior solution.

Our museum experience has taught us that every space can and should communicate with and connect to the visitors in that space.  Similar to how a natural history museum would use exhibits to educate its visitors on our natural surroundings, a retailer or corporation might use a combination of fixtures, media, and graphics in their showroom or lobby to market their products or express their unique brand image.  Malone knows how to support any commercial entity’s objectives with regards to these branded environments.

Browse some of the samples of our unique work in these segments, and contact us about how we can help you meet your facility needs and objectives.