Thronateeska Science Discovery Center

Originally located in the old city train station, the Thronateeska Science Discovery Center is a centerpiece of the revitalization of downtown Albany, GA.  The outside perimeter is lined with interchangeable walls that can be reconfigured as the museum grows.  The interactives are engaging: green screen games with multiple screens, push button videos that explain the workings of an aquifer, and a gigantic kaleidoscope that uses images from the Hubble Telescope.  There is a working weather TV studio where visitors can see themselves on monitors just like the way it works on the Weather Channel.  Malone’s scenic department created and installed a scaled model of our Solar System complete with all 12 of the major moons.  The gallery is laid out in a doughnut shape, with the planetarium in the center hole, whose exterior walls hold large commissioned art works representing the geographical timeline.  The timeline includes local Albany history with the Early Native Americans and includes the flood of 1994, where 90% of the downtown area was underwater.  It is an intriguing museum in which visitors can spend all day exploring.

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