Sugarlands Visitor Center

Malone Design/Fabrication was contracted by Great Smoky Mountains Association to design and fabricate exhibitions for the Sugarlands Visitor Center, one of two visitor’s centers within Great Smoky Mountains National Park-the most visited National Park in the United States.  An analysis of the existing public spaces, visitor flow and contact areas were conducted by Malone to help improve service to the large daily crowds.  The renovation included the demolition of an existing dividing wall that crowded the lobby and hid the museum exhibits from view.  A new glass-and-stone divider was designed to open up the room and create a focal wall for the new information desk.  Existing pieces were rearranged, and new informational and wayfinding exhibits were added to increase self-service options for visitors.  Additional signage highlights previously obscured features of the visitors center, including the natural history exhibit gallery and the movie theater.  This new, open floor plan along with large, bright exhibits and park photography both modernized and improved the functionality of the building for both staff and visitors.

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