Sioux City Public Museum

The Sioux City Public Museum is in the heart of downtown, nestled in the cultural and entertainment district.  The goal of the museum is to honor the past, engage the present and secure the future for all residents of Siouxland.  As visitors walk into the museum they are greeted with a large scale architectural drawing of a Corn Palace, which surrounds the entryway into a 20 minute theater program detailing the rich history of Sioux City and the Siouxland area and introducing each subject discussed within the exhibit hall.  Another major feature in the exhibit is the four projection screens of the ‘disaster wall’ which intermittently plays three separate programs discussing Floods, Fires and the DC-10 plane crash. The topics of Sioux City stockyards and the meat packing industry are also feature areas of the overall experience.  Each experience within the exhibit hall uses various techniques to discuss the history of Sioux City.  Patrons of all ages are entertained with electronic interactive displays, video programs and multiple low-tech interactive displays.

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