Santa Rosa Lake and Dam Visitor Center

Santa Rosa Lake and Dam Visitor Center is a small facility run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Guadalupe County, New Mexico. Malone renovated the look and feel of the 600 sq. ft. exhibition space and updated the interpretive content of the exhibit. Surrounding the new topographic map centerpiece of the Pecos River Basin, are exhibits featuring the plants and animals of the region, local cultural history, and boat and water safety for visitors. Try on life vests to find your right size and fit. Take a fun cartoon quiz to keep you and your friends safe.  Touch a spotted skunk pelt or a sculpted meadowlark, skink or toad. Use a replica Native American corn grinder or re-assemble a clay pot puzzle.  Then, rest on the bench in the new video area before going out and enjoying your day on the Lake.

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