Monastery of the Holy Spirit Monastic Heritage Center

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit recently constructed a new public complex that includes a new gift shop, bonsai garden center, refectory café and interpretive exhibit spaces. Malone worked closely with the monks to create a unique visitor center experience that tells not only the story of the monastery, but connects visitors to the daily lives of the monks who live there. The history and values of monasticism are featured in the new visitor center. The majority of the exhibits are housed in the renovated barn the monks lived in when they first arrived in Conyers. Large historic images, artifacts and scenic vignettes provide visitors with a sense of what life was like at the monastery in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s as they built not one, but two monasteries – by hand! The ‘Day in the Life of a Monk’ wall uses a combination of pictures, digital slideshows and audio clips to glimpse ‘behind-the-scenes’ into the private lives and thoughts of the monks. Other areas feature the monastery’s stained glass studio and environmental conservation efforts. A small chapel space provides a restful area for quiet contemplation.

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