Hoover Dam Visitor Center

Malone Design/Fabrication designed, fabricated and installed immersive exhibits focused on the history of Hoover Dam and the science of hydro-electric generation. A mixture of artifacts, graphics, audio-visual productions, computer and mechanical interactives, dioramas, and models are presented in a hierarchy that is appealing to both the casually curious visitor and the engineering buff.  A grand entry façade welcomes visitors on a scale befitting the majesty and achievement of Hoover Dam.  Recreated audio clips and four life-size cutout figures articulate the perspectives of stakeholders important to the decision to build the dam.  A life-size diorama of the concrete pour brings artifacts and images from the construction of the dam to life.  A full-scale cut-away, walk-through model of one of the generators introduces visitors to the parts and the scale of a generator.  A hand crank generator, color coded to the full-scale model, allows visitors to actually generate electricity.  Many other exhibit components, all in the Art Deco/WPA style of the dam, wow visitors with the amazing story of a true engineering marvel.

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