Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park

Lyons/Zaremba designed the Children’s Aquarium exhibits with kids in mind.  Malone Design/Fabrication produced these exhibits from durable, water-resistant materials for the visitor’s enjoyment and ease of maintenance for the aquarium staff.  Eight foot high modular walls form four freestanding pods housing ten tanks and concealing life-support systems and adjacent feeding/care facilities.  Whimsical drawings by an accomplished children’s illustrator are digitally embedded in phenolic resin laminate that clads every visible surface of the modular tank enclosures and exhibit structures.  This technique combines a graphically rich environment with a robust finish that will provide the owner many years of virtually maintenance-free service.  Backlit graphics provide changeable identification and interpretive messages while overhead banners add to the visual playfulness of this wonderful specialty aquarium on the Texas State Fairgrounds.

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