Audubon Insectarium-Metamorphosis and Success Stories Galleries

Metamorphosis and Success Stories Galleries consist of two exhibit rooms detailing various insects and their habitats.  Metamorphosis is one of the most fascinating transformations that occurs in certain animal/insect species.  This exhibit illustrates insect courtship, mating, and life cycles.  A working husbandry lab shows visitors how insects reproduce and grow.  The Success Stories Gallery was fabricated for fun.  This gallery will pit your survival skills against a bug’s!  The vivariums house live specimens and contribute to the specimens’ lives and their ability to thrive in a free-standing museum dedicated to bugs. Enjoyment and understanding of over 900,000 insects and their closest relatives comprising 90% of the world’s living organisms gives every visitor a unique and interactive encounter with nature.  Featured are live insects, mounted specimens, and interactive experiences. This museum is devoted to arthropods and includes state of the art exhibitory.  As the insectarium is explored, visitors  marvel at the phenomenal range of insect species, body structures, survival strategies and more.  Bugs may be small, but they are clearly nature’s greatest wonders.

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