Auburn University Aquatic Resource Management Center

The public lobby of the Aquatic Resource Management Center at Auburn University is designed to be a welcoming blend of nature, technology and water. The exhibits celebrate the history of the university’s world-renowned aquaculture and marine sciences departments and their many partnerships in research, service and conservation.


Interactive and updateable, these displays provide an ever-changing place for students and visitors to engage with this valuable local resource. Marine and freshwater fish tanks bring life to the space, while the custom computer games and video presentations bring depth. Visitors can hear about current research projects directly from the professors, catch virtual fish in a  variety of Alabama’s aquatic locations, and ‘be an intern’ at the fish farming center to help aquaculture farmers with their water quality.


Tactile stations and hands-on interactives balance the technology elements to create an exhibition that will speak to guests of all ages. Demo carts and the multipurpose room provide places for presentations for classes and special events, helping to build a strong and continuing relationships with the local community.

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