Woodlawn Storyville Library

The Woodlawn Storyville Library was created for the children of the western suburbs of Baltimore. This, the second Storyville facility in Baltimore, was built to encourage children under 5 years old to a pathway of reading and education. The elements of this educationally immersive  facility depict life in Baltimore. There is a small “Baby Park” where a bronze statue of Storyville’s mascot Sneaks is surrounded by large scale fabric flowers and insects where children from 3 months – 1 year old are allowed to crawl and practice standing. The next section is Toddler Woods featuring a fabricated scenic tree and tree house that is accessible for private reading and discovery. A trolley car with spring seats, fare box and ‘speed-control’ is another focal element. This area includes a low metal wall with sections of magnetic ramps and tubes encouraging children to build a series of ramps. Also included is a General Store where there are scales for weight measurements and bins of dried beans to help kids learn numbers. The Theater provides an opportunity for children to act parts of the books they are reading. A construction home educates children on the construction of their home including an interactive area for designing a floor plan using precut magnet shapes on a metal backed blueprint. Finally a completed two story playhouse is built with children in mind. This home includes a scaled kitchen with stoves and refrigerator. The second floor is for a bonus play area.

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