Are You Capitalizing On Your Facilities’ Brand Value?

Some of the world’s strongest brands understand that corporate facilities can play a critical role in brand development.  These brand-centric companies understand that facilities are not just a place to work or for customers to visit, but a place for extending their brand image and strengthening relationships between employees, customers, and the company.  For example, Coca Cola uses their iconic imagery and messaging not only at their core facilities, but they have taken environmental branding to a higher level by investing in the World of Coca Cola, specialty retail stores, and temporary facilities at a wide variety of high profile events.

Effective environmental branding is not limited to large companies.  Malone’s work for Cornerstone Bank in Atlanta, GA started as a project to fabricate a teller line and other architectural millwork.  A simple question about how the new branch would reinforce their marketing and branding objectives resulted in a collaborative effort to incorporate their brand imagery into the millwork and into other customer focal points in the space without breaking an already established budget and impacting the scheduled opening.    The result was a space that engaged customers and gave them a clear understanding of what Cornerstone Bank represents.

Explore how Malone Design/Fabrication applied environmental branding at Cornerstone Bank

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