Collegiate Sports – Leveraging Environmental Branding

Companies such as Coca Cola consider environmental branding, extending the experience of a brand to the design of interior or exterior physical settings, to be a critical element in the overall branding of a company. An interesting question that was posed to me recently was “are there industries overall that seem to grasp the importance of utilizing all of their facilities to meet their marketing and branding objectives?” Major collegiate sports instantly came to mind.

With Malone Design/Fabrication being in the heart of SEC football country, it’s nearly impossible not to recognize the passion and money associated with intercollegiate sports. Competition for players, fans, and donors is fierce and facilities expansion is a key part of that competitive equation. Even when building projects slowed down to a trickle across much of the branded environments market, there always seemed to be a new stadium, practice facility, players lounge or other sports facilities project in progress. Every project in which we were involved placed an emphasis not only on the functional aspects of the facility, but also on creating an environment that supported the organization’s brand, communicated their historic achievements, and created a lasting impression as it relates to recruiting impressionable teenage athletes. Walls, cases, monitors, signage, and other elements all present an opportunity to educate about the past and future vision that hopefully align with the needs of the prospective student athletes. Institutions are constantly trying to one-up their competitors since facilities can often be a major deciding factor for a recruit.

Not all industries are as advanced in leveraging physical facilities to communicate and market to customers, prospects, partners, employees and other target stakeholders. Do you want to gain a key advantage by making sure that you are ahead of the curve in this important part of brand development?

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